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Black Diamond Facemask

Black Diamond Facemask


A "capital. Cares" product, in which all the proceeds go towards providing families who have been affected by COVID-19 with groceries. In this time of unparalleled distress, both economic and personal, we here at capital. believe in doing our part no matter how small it may seem. Through buying one of these masks, which are mandatory in public places deemed essential in some jurisdictions and strongly recommended in others, you are helping us to make a difference while also doing your part to help stunt the further transmission of this disease. Go ahead, you can pat yourself on the back a little, you're doing a good thing!


• 100% polyester surface and 100% cotton lining.
• High elastic ear loop for a comfortable wear.
• Large enough for covering the nose and mouth.
• Includes a pocket for inserting a filter piece (filter not included).
• This mask is NOT medical grade and does not provide adequate protection from spreading nor contracting contagious diseases.

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