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Huxleyambient/tech-house, Bap-Trap


Whether you are looking to let loose or get tight, Huxley brings it to the table with his mix of ambient tech-inspired tracks in the debut album "Bambient Vol.1" 

And for all you Hip-Hop heads out there, he's got something for you with "Nice To Beat You." Where old-school snares fuse with new-era high hats to create a genre dubbed "Bap Trap"


All tracks are free to download!!

X.0. CASHTrap, Rap


Blending old-school lyrical formulae with a more modern track composition, this dude has certainly carved out an identifiable niche for himself. 


There is no deficit of creativity all throughout this debut album as X.O. showcases his ability to flex his flow according to the topic and beat at hand. 

If you haven't heard of him yet, this dude is definitely worth a listen!


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